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Join Allen and Jackie as they teach from beautiful Topsail Beach, NC.

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What We Believe

What are the scriptures behind what drives our ministry?


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Helpful Resources

Trusted Messianic sites Engrafted Ministries gleans from.

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Video Blog Update

path-and-plan-series-color-smallAs you may or may not know, Allen and I felt Hashem nudge us to start this ministry, that includes using media to develop and produce video teachings on the Jewishness of Jesus.  We thought that meant that the show should be a weekly program and follow along with the weekly Torah Portions.  So for the last 23 weeks, that is what we set out to do, thinking this was what Adonai wanted.  We quickly began feeling the pressure of working full time jobs, studying and preparing for our weekly video teaching, all while trying to maintain our relationship with one another and relationship with our Messianic Community.  We found that there were not enough hours in our week to accomplish all this and do it well.

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Vacation Greetings from Topsail, North Carolina

Shalom and vacation greetings from Topsail Island, NC. Allen and I came here last year and fell in love with this island. It is so beautiful and peaceful. It reminds me of Myrtle Beach in its early years.
We love the small mom and pop restaurants and stores. By the end of the week we will probably know some of the shop owners by name.