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Connect with God's people all over the world using these standard prayers that have been cultivated and handed down for centuries. Messianic gentiles can add their voice to the symphony of Hebrew prayer, by clicking the icon to the left.PDF icon

For more information concerning prayer, check out Aaron Eby's book, First Steps in Messianic Jewish Prayer, available at First Fruits of Zion's website.

Taste & See Bakery

amethystYou may have discovered our Kosher Kafe feature on the website. It's at the Kafe that you can find several messianic recipes that we have found and, do they look wonderful!  We will be trying all of them soon.


Engrafted would now like to highlight a new business in the Harrisonburg area.  Taste & See Bakeryowned and operated by our good friend Amethyst Carter.  She has always made wonderful decadent desserts. Her specialties include cookies, cakes and cupcakes.  Allen and I have had many opportunities to try her wonderful desserts.


This is not dessert from a box, guys!  Everything is made from fresh ingredients and offers her own personal touch. We recommend every item on her menu for your upcoming birthday parties, ladies meetings or weddings.You will never be disappointed when Taste & See takes care of your sweet tooth. 



Check the Taste & See Menu



Get ready friends. Amethyst has agreed to do a cooking show with us in the coming weeks.  We will be sharing the date in the very near future.



Like her Facebook page, and order something from our dear sister in Yeshua. Tell her Engrafted sent you. You'll be glad you did.

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Weekly Torah Portion



Week ending 4/25/15

Tazria/Metzora | תזריע/מצורע | "She will conceive/Leper "

Torah: Leviticus 12:1-15:33  

Prophets: 2 Kings 7:3-20  

Gospel: Mark 9:14-50/Luke 9:51-10:42

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