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"But if some of the branches were broken off, and you, although a wild olive shoot, were grafted in among the others and now share in the nourishing root of the olive tree, do not be arrogant toward the branches. If you are, remember it is not you who support the root, but the root that supports you." Romans 11:17-18 ESV

Thank you for visiting our website. My name is Allen Burner and I live in beautiful Staunton, Virginia. with my wonderful wife Jacqueline.

Twelve years ago, we visited Staunton and made a comment that we really liked the area and would like to live there. Plans changed as they sometimes do and my job took us to New Bern, North Carolina.

New Bern is a beautiful town and we enjoyed our time there but found it was too far from family. After returning in 2005 we lived in the Bridgewater area for about two years. Jackie was working for a bank in New Bern and when we returned to Virginia she got a lateral move to one of their branches in Staunton.

Coincidence? We don’t think so. We bought a house and moved to Staunton in 2008 and have been here ever since. We truly believe God has a purpose and a plan for us here and He knew the desire of our hearts.

Several years ago we became very interested in the Messianic movement and our Hebrew roots. After taking a foundational course called Hayesod, we knew what direction God wanted us to go. Our hearts were telling us to study and teach the Jewishness of Yeshua (Jesus).

We make video teachings, blog articles and posts based on our studies.  Our desire is to guide and direct people to see the importance of the Torah in giving us instruction and direction into our everyday lives and unveiling the shadows of the Messiah throughout the scriptures.

We would love to come to your fellowship or church and share some of what The Father is revealing.

We are very interested in what you have to say.


‚ÄčAllen Burner

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